Weekdays 7am - 1:30pm
Weekends 7am - 2pm


Organic Sourdough Toast  8.0

Swap for GF bread + 2.0   

Served with grass fed butter and choice of local raw honey, house strawberry jam, house almond butter or vegemite.

Organic Apple & Raisin Toast 8.5

Served with grass fed butter

Coconut Chia Jar (GF DF VG)  Sml 9.0 / Large 14.0

Mango puree, coconut yogurt, house granola crumble, seasonal fruit & coconut flakes.


House Paleo Granola (GF VGO)  17.0

Served with seasonal fruit, Natural Greek Yogurt & local

raw honey. Coconut yogurt  + 2.0 (DF)

Bacon & Egg Roll  14.0

Bacon, fried pastured egg on a soft milk bun, with your choice of house ketchup or house bbq.

Add  Burger Cheese + 1.5   

Add House Hash brown + 4.0

The Avo (DF V)  18.0

Citrus infused smashed avocado on sourdough with coconut labneh, hazelnut dukkah & fresh herbs.

Add Egg + 3.0 / Add Bacon + 5.0 / Add House Hash brown + 4.0

Eggs - How you like ‘em (DF)   14.0

Local pastured eggs - poached, scrambled or

fried on organic sourdough.

Add avocado / house hash brown / mushrooms  / halloumi + 4.0

Add bacon / chorizo + 5.0

House-made Waffles (GF)  20.0

House made waffles served with seasonal fruit compote, 

toasted coconut flakes, vanilla ice cream & organic maple syrup.

Add Coyo Ice-Cream (DF) + 2.0  /  Add bacon + 4.0

Nourish Bowl (GF DF VGO) 23.0

Sautéed kale, seasonal greens, kraut, roast sweet

potato & pumpkin, spiced seeds, roast beet dip & ACV vinaigrette.

Add slow cooked Pork  + 6.0

Brekkie Burrito  19.0

Filled with chipotle pulled pork, cheddar, pico de gallo, avocado, coriander, soft scrambled egg, chili & jalapenos.


GF toast + 2.0

Grilled tomato / Egg / Sautéed English Spinach or Kale / Kraut  + 3.0

Avocado / House Hash brown / Mushrooms / Haloumi + 4.0


Bacon / Chorizo + 5.0

Free range Chipotle pulled pork + 6.0



(from 10am)

Americano  16.0

Pasture fed beef patty, Jack cheddar, house pickles, lettuce,

onion, house ketchup, house egg mayo and yellow mustard,

served on a soft milk bun. 

Add Bacon  /  Egg  + 3.0

King Karaage  17.0

Karaage fried free range chicken with spiced slaw and sriracha mayo

served on an activated charcoal bun.

Add Cheese  + 1.5   

Add Bacon / Egg  + 3.0



Pulled Pork Burger 16.0

Slow cooked free range pork, slaw, house chipotle bbq sauce,

aioli & onion rings on a soft milk bun.

Halloumi Burger  (V) 16.0

Halloumi, baby spinach, mushroom, avocado & aioli,

served of soft milk bun


Make any burger gluten free - house paleo bun + 2.0


Side hand cut potato / sweet potato chips & aioli (GF)  4.0

Share bowl hand cut Potato / Sweet Potato chips (GF) 7.0


(12 years and under)

House-Made Waffle (GF)  12.0

House made waffle served with seasonal fruit compote, toasted coconut flakes,  vanilla ice cream & organic maple syrup.

Add Coyo Ice-Cream (DF) + 2.0

Little Big Brekkie 12.0
Organic sourdough, local pastured egg (fried/ scrambled),

bacon, house ketchup.

Toastie 12.0

Organic Sourdough with tasty cheddar cheese.

Little Burger 12.0

Grass fed beef patty, house ketchup & jack cheddar on a soft milk bun

with hand cut potato chips.


GF= Gluten Free, DF= Dairy Free, VG= Vegan


Brewing Byron Bay Specialty Coffee Co.

Sml 4.2  Lrg 4.8

Sml 3.8  Lrg  4.2


Sml 4.8 Lrg 5.2

Hot Chocolate

Sml  4.2   Lrg 4.80

Living Chai Latte

Sml  4.5   Lrg 5.0


Hot Cacao  6.0

House blend of Organic Cacao and coconut sugar steamed

with milk.

Golden Turmeric Latte  6.0

House blend of Organic Turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper

made on coconut milk.

Beet Latte  6.0

House blend of Beetroot powder and Cinnamon steamed with



Matcha Mylk  6.0

Organic Matcha green tea latte infused with milk, served with organic

raw honey.

Bullet Proof  6.0

Long Black blended with MCT oil & grass fed butter


English Breakfast  4.5

Served with milk

Digest  4.5

Peppermint, Licorice, Fennel & Calendula

Restore  4.5

Echinacea, Marshmallow Leaves, Lemon Myrtle, Rosehip & Hibiscus

Green Sencha, Jasmine and Rose  4.5

Green Sencha, Jasmine Flowers & Rose Petals

Serenity  4.5

Chamomile, Passionflower, Rose petals & Lavender


Earl Grey  4.5

Black tea with Bergamot


Kombucha on tap 5.0

Tonicka - ask staff for the days flavour


Iced Latte  5.0

Double espresso and milk poured over ice.

Add vanilla ice cream + 1.0  /  Add Coyo Ice-Cream (DF) + 2.0

Iced Cacao  5.0

House blend of Organic Cacao and coconut sugar blended with milk poured over ice.

Add vanilla ice cream + 1.0  /  Add Coyo ice-cream (DF) + 2.0

Milkshake  7.0

Chocolate / Strawberry / Vanilla / Caramel


Kids Milkshake  5.0

Soft drink  4.0

Coke / Coke No sugar/ Sprite / Lift 


Banana Salted Caramel  10.0

Coconut milk, Banana, Medjool dates, Mesquite powder, Salt, Tahini 

Strawbs & Cream  10.0

Strawberries, Banana, Coconut milk, Coyo

Nutty Choc  10.0

House Almond Milk, Cacao, Banana, house Almond butter, Medjool date, Cinnamon

Kiama Bliss  11.0

Coconut water, Cucumber, Spinach, Banana, Mango, Coyo,

Mint, Lemon

Choc Mint  10.0

Spinach, Banana, Mint, House Almond Milk, Cacao nibs


Vanilla & Lucuma Raw Paleo Fermented Protein  + 2.0

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides  + 2.0

Raw Prebiotic greens  + 2.0

MCT Oil  + 2.0


OJ  7.0

Fresh Orange Juice

Detoxer  8.5

Beetroot, Celery, Ginger, Carrot, Lemon, Apple

Lean Green  8.5

Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Apple, Mint

Fruitful  8.5

Seasonal fruits, please ask staff.


Alcohol available from 10am

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale 8.0

(On tap) Byron Bay, NSW

Corona  8.0



Balter 9.0

Gold Coast, QLD

Great Northern  7.5

Townsville, QLD

Peroni  8.0


Darkes Howler Apple Cider  8.0

Sutton Forest, NSW

Semillion Chardonnay Silo's Estate  8.0 (White)
Berry, NSW

Two Figs Pinot Grigio  8.0 White)

Shoalhaven Heads, NSW

Two Figs - Sienna  8.5 (Red)

Shoalhaven Heads, NSW





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